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Sport betting prediction

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Sport Loreto: Prediction (1x2), Betting Advice & FAIR ODDS

since he is being one of the highlights of the Atlético team lately on this final stretch, which means that he is also an important absence.

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but after dropping to the relegation zone so close to the end of the season, the intensity levels should be high, as it has been on their latest matches, despite not being able to get the results they wanted.

Sports predictions

And dreamed about the possibility of escaping relegation. But for that they would need to be surgical on the remaining matches, something that was far from what happened in reality.

The manager Daniel Paulista won’t be able to count with the starting pair of defenders, Durval and Henríquez who are suspended.

The University was not considered a favorite for the title, but so far has been getting good results and is very close to the leaders, being that his desire is to continue like this. The main reason to be at the top of the table is its growth, since it comes from three wins in a row, so expect to continue in this way, being that the minimum expected on this day is a draw. For this match the technician Pedro Troglio should not have absences by expulsion.

With that, the match went even more in favour of Botafogo, because they were able to play the way they like and saw Atlético getting tangled up with the ball possession, which means their victory was a natural consequence.

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To make matters worse, they already have one upset, with the goalkeeper Marcos already sold to Goiás, which means he won’t play more for Atlético, and the attacker Walter,

Both against Botafogo and earlier, against Chapecoense, Sport played well, lacking some defensive organization, but that’s no novelty.

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